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Thorsten Grütjen is a juggler with the soul of a clown and a German with a Lusitanian soul. He has been practising his art for more than 20 years. Since coming to Portugal in 1992, he has devoted himself to the expression of theatre, clown art, juggling, improvisation, and object manipulation. For more than a decade, he collaborated with the Casa Chapitô and produced at the same time numerous other circus and street-theatre projects. His passion for travelling has led him to other European countries where he has participated in film productions, international street theatre and juggling festivals. Along his artistic journey he has been awarded many prizes for the characters he has portrayed.
In 2006, he realized one of his dreams through a mobile stage. The project for the decentralization of culture materialized in the form of a classic Mercedes Benz flat-bed transport truck which was restored in 2016 and given the title "Caracol Cultural - Arte que Deixa Rasto". In 2014, working as co-author and performer together with the choreographer Filipa Francisco, he created the show "Cheio" - a multi-disciplinary performance which unites the expressions of Nouveau Cirque, contemporary dance and clown art. "Cheio" was supported by the DGARTES department of the Portuguese Ministry of Culture.
In 2017, he created his contemporary circus project “O Grande Embrulho“, simultaneously integrating the cast of the show "Rastilho" driven by the portuguese choreographer Madalena Victorino.
bio2spacer Gil Abrantes is an artist who breathes music, otherwise he would not have chosen the profession of saxophonist. He comes from Águeda, where he was born 30 years ago. He practices his art independently, organizing events and working as a writer of music. Although still young, Gil already has 20 years of experience with diverse projects and geographies - such as Spain, Italy, France, Czech Republic and USA (Jazz at the Lincoln Center). His career as a musician begins with playing classical saxophone - later he also devotes himself to the genres of jazz, funk, world music and pop rock. Curious and passionate about his actions, he strives continuously to break new ground and is involved in many highly different projects. He has worked on the albums "Belize Pedras Amarelas" of DJs China / Hugo Villanova, "Contracorrente", "Orfeão de Águeda", "Centenário", "F.K. Punk Filarmónico "," Os Azeitonas - Coliseu do Porto ". Participated in dance music projects with the DJs China, Carlos Manaça, Hugo Villanova, King Bizz, Mário Marques, João Castro, Serginho and Manuel Coutinho. And he lent wings to euphoria with the music shows "Fanfarra Kaustika", "d'Orfanfa", "Mala Fanfarra" and "Banda Móvel". His diversity as a musician also extends to experiences in the areas of big band, brass band, traditional Portuguese music and solo performances in the genres of chill out, jazz, funk and pop rock. At the moment, he is working as a musician and composer alongside the artist "Tosta Mista - O Malabarista" who has entangled him into his new show, "O Grande Embrulho".

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